Harold G. Ognelodh, Esq.
Co-founder & Managing Partner
About Harold G. Ognelodh
Founder and CEO, Washington Law Partners
Estate Administration Attorney In Washington DC
About Harold G. Ognelodh, Esq.
Co-founder & Managing Partner

Business Attorney in Washington DC

Welcome to Washington Law Partners, your trusted estate planning and probate law firm located in the heart of Washington, DC. With over three decades of legal experience, we have provided comprehensive legal solutions to clients in DC and Maryland. Our team of seasoned attorneys understands the complexities of estate planning and probate law and is dedicated to helping you easily navigate the process. Whether you need help with estate planning, probate, or trust administration, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. With a virtual presence, we can serve clients in DC and Maryland and offer flexible and convenient options to meet your needs. At Washington Law Partners, we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention and tailored solutions to each client. Contact the estate administration attorney in Washington DC at WLP Firm today, to learn more about our services and how we can help you develop your Estate Plan.

If you are currently residing in the United States, you must consider renowned attorneys like Harold G. Ognelodh at Washington Law Partners to get proper assistance on your legal front. But, before selecting him for your case, you must see that he would be able to meet your requirements. You can confirm your choice after looking at the reviews, experiences, and records of your lawyer.


Harold G. Ognelodh is a highly qualified and respected estate administration attorney in Washington DC. He obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1996, Harold has been a member of the DC Bar and has provided legal counsel and services in estate planning, probate, business, and securities law. Harold is well known within the District of Columbia Bar for his expertise and professionalism. He has consistently provided his clients with legal advice and services in a timely and reliable manner and has a reputation for pursuing cases with diligence and dedication.

Harold has a long and successful history working on Wall Street. He has worked for some of the most prestigious firms, such as Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, Incorporated, BNY Mellon Financial Services Group, RBC Capital Markets Corporation, and Prudential Securities Incorporated. Harold is well-known for his expertise in handling regulatory and banking matters and has a successful track record in litigating complex cases. He is also highly regarded for his knowledge and advice on estate planning and securities law and is one of the renowned estate administration attorney in Washington DC. Harold is also a former Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) employee, formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers, and a FINRA’s New York District Business Conduct Committee member.

Throughout his career, Harold has consistently shown himself to be a competent and reliable attorney. He is highly experienced and has a strong reputation for helping clients navigate the complexities of Estate Planning. As a leading business attorney in Washington DC, he has demonstrated expertise in a variety of practice areas, and he uses this knowledge to serve his clients competently, ethically, and effectively.
He is also known for his client-friendly attitude and for providing affordable legal representation.

Practice Areas

While doing business, unfortunately, many people face a variety of disputes which can affect their company’s profitability. Washington Law Partners offers comprehensive business services. WLP is accomplished in handling many business matters, like those related to commercial law, employment law, business acquisitions, partnerships, and more. We encourage mediation and arbitration as cost-effective alternatives to resolve disputes and avoid costly trials. The business attorney in Washington DC, has a proven track record of successfully resolving disputes in favor of its clients at Washington Law Partners, using approaches that best achieve their goals.

Securities law concerns securities regulation at the federal and state level. National and regional financial institutions that wish to regulate their securities and get advice on money laundering, federal and state investigations, insider trading, securities fraud/violations, compliance and enforcement, thefts/embezzlements, and response to subpoenas hire a securities attorney.

Clients from various financial industries turn to Washington Law Partners for guidance on capital markets, corporate governance, general securities and corporate matters, and mergers and acquisitions. Washington Law Partners attorneys have represented issuers, investors, underwriters, and placement agents in multiple securities law issues. We have also represented financial advisors, targets, acquirers, and special committees for public and privately held corporate transactions.

Estate planning empowers you to control your future while protecting your loved ones. Death or disability of an individual can leave the lives of loved ones unprotected. However, an estate plan discussing the distribution of assets or transfer of medical decisions before individuals have died or become incapacitated ensures that your family is protected, and costly and lengthy court proceedings are avoided.

An estate planning law firm like Washington Law Partners can design large and complex estate plans. It can clarify the roles, distribute the assets, and limit taxes- all at affordable rates. Regardless of your situation, the firm can also help select a healthcare agent and define medical directives, appoint a financial agent to support you during incapacitation, create a list of assets of your estate, name the estate beneficiaries, and determine how to distribute the estate effectively.

For proper and professional care of an estate, a probate lawyer may be selected by the client or appointed by the court to serve as your representative and estate administrator responsible for distributing assets to the intended beneficiaries. If you find out that the transfer of assets of an estate to the loved ones of a deceased or disabled person is improper or incorrect, or if you need legal help on a probate matter, consider consulting Washington Law Partners. The firm has significant experience addressing probate and estate litigation’s financial and emotional consequences.

Firm Details

With attorneys like Harold G. Ognelodh and Conan N. Louis, Washington Law Partners is one of the District of Columbia’s experienced law firms. Our attorneys have served clients from the District of Columbia and Maryland for over 35 years. WLP has a Virtual Law Firm practice and a local office in Washington, DC. The firm connects to various experts, mediators, or others necessary to resolve client matters. Initial consultation with our attorney is always recommended, as we want to see how we can help you with your legal situation before discussing and charging you legal fees. WLP’s experience, diversity, and team approach boost confidence among clients. They know they can use Washington Law Partners attorneys to navigate many legal issues, whether simple or complex.

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