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The Washington DC Law Firm offers over 35 years of trustable legal knowledge and expertise. Our attorneys have specialized knowledge in business law, estate planning, probate, and securities law. WLP, utilizes its attorneys to represent and assist clients in achieving their goals in an most effective manner. The attorneys also provide guidance on community lawyering in Washington DC.

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35 Years of Experience in Legal Cases Field
Harold G. Ognelodh

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Conan N. Louis

Co-Founder & Partner

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    What Our Colleagues Are Saying
    Detail Oriented

    Harold is detail oriented and very professional in his work. He provides a fresh perspective and solid legal experience in the areas of corporate compliance to any business, venture or legal department. He is reliable and responsible and will take the extra time necessary to do a complete and thorough job. He is a team player, has a great personality and is such a pleasure to work with.

    Sonya Johnston
    Reliable Securities Attorney

    Harold is a very intelligent, trustworthy, and reliable securities attorney who I highly recommend. I could always rely on his knowledge, candor and incite on various complex issues and matters. He is a true professional.

    John DeBellis
    Extremely Knowledgeable

    I have known Harold for more than a decade and know him to be a consummate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of securities law and compliance, particularly in the fixed-income arena. I have sought his advice and counsel in the past and would recommend him to any organization.

    Harry Frisch
    Impressed With His Depth Of Knowledge

    I have known Harold Ognelodh for more than 25 years. He is a seasoned transactional lawyer and compliance professional. I have had the opportunity to observe Harold’s work while he was employed at a variety of investment and commercial banks, broker dealers and government sponsored enterprises and I have always been quite impressed with his depth of knowledge of capital markets and securities laws and regulations and compliance matters. Harold has a tremendous work ethic, is a true people person and dedicated professional. I think he would be a significant asset to any financial or commercial

    Darren Sharps
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