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Co-Founder & Partner
Conan Louis
Conan N. Louis
About Conan N. Louis
Co-Founder & Partner

Legal matters can be complex and overwhelming, so it is often necessary to seek legal assistance. An experienced attorney can make a significant difference in any legal issue, whether it is a probate case, a business dispute, or an estate planning matter. Having years of experience and a successful record of accomplishment, Conan N. Louis, Esq. has the knowledge and expertise to provide skilled legal guidance in estate planning matters. A lawyer such as Conan N. Louis can be invaluable during a time of difficulty, whether it be helping you understand your rights or interpreting the law.

If you need legal representation, please contact Washington Law Partners, and schedule a consultation with attorney Conan N. Louis. As a result of his assistance, you can be confident that your case is in good hands and that you have the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.


Conan N. Louis is a co-Founder of Washington Law Partners. He has been a member of the D.C. Bar since 1986, having commenced private practice in the Washington office of a major law firm, focusing in the area of international trade and transactions. As a linguist, social scientist, and international attorney, Conan enjoys a reputation for diplomacy, cultural sensitivity, and attention to detail with a global view. He has represented foreign governments and foreign corporations on Capitol Hill, advising them on issues arising out of public international law, and U.S. international trade policy. His international legal experience and expertise include Export and Import Administration, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, as well as the international sale of goods and services.

Today, Conan’s practice centers around advising small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as advising individuals in the area of trusts and estates. Conan’s estate planning practice is enhanced significantly by three decades of experience in philanthropy. He has advised colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, and arts and cultural organization, as well as community-based organizations around the United States, and facilitated major and planned gifts from individual donors. His experience also includes having served as the chief advancement officer or chief development officer at a number of prestigious national institutions and organizations.

Conan holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Linguistics and Master of Science in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University, and is conversant in Russian and French. He is also a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, where he served as Senior Notes and Comments Editor of Law and Policy in International Business, Georgetown’s International Law Journal, and was selected by the Black Law Students Association to receive the Thurgood Marshall Award as the most outstanding student in the Class of 1986. He is a 2002 recipient of the John Carroll Award, the highest honor that Georgetown University bestows upon its distinguished alumni.

Conan’s Areas of Practice

Trusts are legal fiduciary agreements that allow trustworthy individuals, the trustors, to provide others, the trustees, the exclusive right to hold assets or property for the benefit of third parties- the beneficiaries. Primarily, there are four kinds of trusts: Living trust, Testamentary trust, Revocable Trust, and Irrevocable trust. These legal frameworks are part of estate plans and are taken care of by estate planning attorneys. Estate planning, also called legacy planning, refers to the planning of how to transfer possessions/assets/investments of a deceased or incapacitated person to his/her loved ones.

Trust and estate attorneys like Conan Louis can help clients plan out effective and efficient passing of assets down from one generation to another, to spouses, to charities, and to any other people the clients want to benefit. He could help to prepare best trust agreements, durable power of attorneys, wills, advanced healthcare proxy, memorial instructions, and closely held business structures, including limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations. His practices concentrate on wealth planning, estate administration, and trust administration. Mr. Conan’s goal is to assist his clients in meeting their goals by saving their money on taxes. He spends a lot of his time addressing the federal estate, gift, and generation-skipping tax issues, concerning estate planning.

Probate is a judicial process for reviewing the assets of a deceased individual by the administrator appointed by the probate court and determining how to divide and distribute the assets among inheritors/ beneficiaries. It can be initiated with or without a will. Going through probate is very intimidating. It happens when the family is in a difficult life phase of losing a loved one. Mr. Louis is a skilled probate lawyer who focuses on making probating an estate as easy and efficient as possible for his client’s families so that the clients have enough time to return to doing whatever is important for them like spending quality time with their family, friends, or close relatives.

A Business Law organization covers companies and other kinds of business enterprises of various types and sizes and even those who create them like partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and other associations taking part in charitable and economic activities. Legal advice in this field is based on a wide variety of topics and therefore the attorneys’ practicing in this law field are required to be well-versed with many related legal disciplines such as securities, corporate, partnership, tax, insolvency, intellectual property, fiduciary duty, and mergers and acquisition law. Furthermore, they must be able to best operate or carry out transactions abroad related to their business. Such entities can involve not only the federal and state laws within the United States but even those of different foreign jurisdictions. Mr. Conan is an experienced business law attorney holding great skills to handle international business transactions as well as tackle myriad issues that arise within a business enterprise.

Firm Details

Washington Law Partners is one of the leading Washington DC law firms that take pride in providing impressive legal services and effective representations to all clients based on their needs and the attorney’s practice areas.

Our firm is client-focused and result-oriented. We work relentlessly and can fight for our clients in any court proceedings. We also spend the most time on every client by listening to them and knowing more about them, which helps us in winning cases. We are readily available for our clients whenever they need us with affordable payment plans.

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